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My work has changed. It is entirely focused on my blog

If you go to you will find my books available for free. It is simply time to let them go do their work without the barrier of a fee.

You will find the books that represent two eras of my past. The powerful content I created as a Content Development Coach and the insightful content I created as a Licensed Spiritual Counselor in the Center for Spiritual Living.

My current work is about how to create and embrace positive change. It explores the concepts of unfolding, allowing things to happen and learning to sing a deeper song. Read more at


Cara, you are a CATALYST for entrepeneurs. I was lost and anxious attempting to write an e-book, then I found you! You allowed me to breakthrough my impasse, giving me creative wings and enabling me to follow a golden pathway to completion.Thank you for sharing your breadth of knowledge, and for spelling out the whys, whens and hows of the magnetic product process. Your templates are clear, showing your forethought and skills. You are a phenomenal mentor and coach, TRULY allowing passions to be on purpose.

Christina Gerber

Your Article Magnetism course is packed with useful advice for any professional wanting to use article writing as an effective means of attracting new clients. You removed the mystery from what it takes to easily structure and craft compelling articles. What's more, you helped me clearly understand the whole process of submitting my articles to online markets so I can consistently reach hundreds or even thousands of potential clients.

Sam Wieder, Professional Development Coach

I LOVE your teaching style and enthusiasm. I now have ALL the tools I need to write truly magnetic articles. All the extra information and resources you sent were a wonderful surprise and additional benefit of taking this course with you. You are so helpful and your course has given me the inspiration I need to get writing. Thank you so much Cara!

Debbie O'Grady
Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach
Guiding Businesses So They Can Get Booked Solid!

Thank you for delivering above and beyond my expectations for today's Book Yourself Solid call! I appreciate you.

Maggie C. Sabatier-Smith
Speaker, Coach, Catalyst for Change

You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give - Sir Winston Churchill.

That which we are, we shall teach, not voluntarily, but involuntarily, Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Over-Soul

I help turn your ideas into profits


Cara Lumen, Catylist for Change
I help you make self aware decisions
that lead to positive change.

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