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Would Adding Additional Income Steams Help Your Bottom Line?

You bet it would, so if you are ready to create a Success Library of Information Products I can take you by the hand and make it happen fast!

Are you the go-to-person in your field?
Are you recognized as an expert at what you do?
And if you are, do you want to be more-so?

When you have your own Signature products they:

  • Let people know you mean business
  • Tell people that you know what you are talking about and are teaching it to others.
  • Help promote your brand
  • Are fun to create
  • Leverage easily into other signature products
  • Bring you passive income

Over the years I have developed my Magnetic Content Development System which is a step-by-step repeatable system that helps you

  • Choose your best ideas
  • Focus your content for your target community
  • Identify the core concepts for each project
  • Choose the best form for you and for your target community
  • Organize the content so people learn what you want them to
  • Help your participants "own" the material by adding elements that help them retain the information
  • Show you how to leverage your idea into additional income streams
  • Help you package, price and market it

I'm Your Idea Optimizer

I'm noted for my systems - my worksheets and templates that help you make decisions based on your personal passion and talents. Those are key components in my repeatable Magnetic Signature Product Development System

I'm also known for over-delivering and the ease with which I help you sort out your myriad of ideas and bring them into alignment. I am a teacher and you will not only come away with a completed product you will know how to do that process again and again.

If you've been thinking about adding additional income streams while increasing your expert status by creating unique targeted information products for your clients and customers, here's a great opportunity for individualized, get-it-done coaching to make it happen.

I have taught my Magnetic Content Development System in classes and I offer guidance and inspiration and accountability in the Magnetic Signature Products Guild but if you want to focus a period of specialized and individualized time to learn this remarkable, repeatable system, then we should work together 1:1

With Individualized Coaching you will:

  • Have my business coaching expertise to help you rapidly focus the intent of each project
  • Move as rapidly as you want and need to as I give you worksheets and homework that help you move at your own speed - steadily and effectively.
  • Save time and money by our being focused on your business, your ideas, your process and your products.
  • Get your products to market rapidly.

Together we can create:

  • Landing pages
  • Opt in offer
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Teleclasses
  • Home Study Courses
  • Radio shows
  • Audio books
  • Videos
  • Membership sites
  • And learn to leverage and market every idea into additional income streams.

The Magnetic Signature Product Development Individualized Coaching offers you personalized, targeted, expert status coaching to keep you on track and teach you what you need to know now.

What does your business need next?

Teach What You Know - Magnetic Ebooks Ebooks are easy and the how to book is the most sought after type of book. Let's get yours out there to serve your target audience and show them you are definitely the go-to-person in your field.

Build Trust with Your Community - Magnetic Teleclass Creation Teach what you love. What better way to get to know your community personally than with a Magnetic Teleclass. They can be short or long, the technique you will learn for outlining and creating exercises and handouts will help you to keep on building one great teleclass after another.

Expand Your Target Audience - Magnetic Radio Shows and Podcasts. Think of all the people riding in their cars looking for something interesting to listen to - that's you and your podcasts. We'll create a strong platform, get you going on Blog Talk Radio or on a regular podcast schedule and set you up with several ways to develop content and outline your programs for the next year. And I'll come be your first guest if you like!

Build a Responsive Community - Magnetic Blog Development. How can you evaluate the value of the attraction factor of a really good blog? Its ongoing community-building status will endear you to people all over the world. I can help you learn to write powerful posts, podcasts and videos and create a Magnetic Editorial Plan that will help you be found and heard!

Gain World Wide Coverage - Magnetic Article Submission. A strong article submission program is the cornerstone of the writing strategy. You will learn effective ways to brainstorm ideas, use keywords that attract your target audience, create compelling headlines and write clear body content and a strong close. Add a Magnetic Resource Box and you will soon get your name all over the world as bloggers and emagazine editors pick up your articles and share them with their community. This is an invaluable system to have in place.

Attract the People You Are Meant To Serve - Magnetic Landing Pages - How To Tell People What You Do So They Get It. You have to attract people to your new Magnetic Signature Products. You will learn the Magnetic Landing Page Formula and how to write landing pages that attract. I offer a special copy writing rate if you want my help to write this and a powerful SEO optimizing check on every page.

Information products are great fun to create and they immediately help make you the go-to person in your field.

My Magnetic Signature Product Development Coaching focuses on completing one particular information product so that you have it on the market in a timely manner and know how to repeat the process. And since it's an individualized 1:1 coaching series it will be all about what you want to produce. Once you master the process you can do it again and again.


Organizing your ideas is a process. I have a repeatable system to teach you, Let's give ourselves time to get the job done well. I ask you for a three month commitment.

Here's what you will get:

  • Weekly 50-minute 1:1 coaching sessions focused on your specific signature product
  • Weekly homework assignments to keep you moving forward one step at a time
  • Unlimited email support between our weekly sessions
  • My Magnetic Marketing Method template designed for your specific signature product
  • My Magnetic Marketing Method worksheets developed for your specific signature product
  • My Magnetic Marketing Method handouts with additional resources for your specific signature product
  • A special copy writing hourly rate for me to help you strengthen your product content
  • Resource recommendations to get the help you need when you need it.
  • An understanding of my unique MagneticContent Development System you can use again and again as you continue to build your Success Library of Information Products.

My promise is that you will come away with a repeatable system to capture and focus your best ideas and as many finished products as we can complete during that time frame.

Call me at 913.991.7663 (Central)
to see how we might get your own
Signature Products Success Library under way.

An investment in knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving. Any time you add to your skill set, your insights, and your focus you more forward more easily and with greater rapidity.

PS. Once you learn you'll know how to do this forever. Once you go through the process and master the elements of a particular type of product you'll be in a position to keep creating more and more of the same type of offerings. It's a gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

If you're ready to build a better blog, or create a compelling teleclass, or write a how to eBook, or build up your article submission marketing, or learn to write powerful landing pages, let's do it. We'll focus on one project at a time and build a collection of Magnetic Signature Products that your target audience will love!

We all have something to teach, to share with others.
Let's figure out what you want to offer and make it happen!

Cara Lumen, Your Idea Optimizer
913.991.7663 (Central)




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